Monday, June 27, 2011

The Past, Present and Future Of Cookie Central's 3rd Annual Great American Bake Sale

We are halfway through Cookie Central's 3rd Annual Great American Bake Sale season!  With three online promotions and four bake table events under belt, I'm pleased to announce we have raised almost 25% of our intended goal.  You may be thinking this number is a tad off for a halfway mark but as they say, the best is yet to come. 

We are currently promoting our last (we think) online promotion of the season.  Cookies With Care has been the most anticipated online promotion we've run as it incorporates Lazarus House, one of our area's most prominent anti-hunger/poverty organizations  This incredible organization is one that, like Share Our Strength, seeks to provide, create and maintain "long term solutions" to the issues of hunger, poverty and homelessness that face our community.  I am thrilled to announce that we've received a very positive early response.

We are also looking forward to three, yes I said three, bake table events during the month of July.  In our "2011 GABS Summary" page you can find all the pertinent information to attend one of these illustrious events! However, to give you a bit of an overview of what to expect.... We will be revisiting the North Andover Common this coming weekend for the 4th of July celebrations.  We have also made plans to team up with The Meat House located in The Vinyard plaza.  How can you go wrong when you mix wine, BBQ and cookies am I right?!  We have also been invited to join the Great American Bake Sale over at Philips Medical in Andover, MA.  This event I am so excited for!  The woman (or possibly one of the woman) hosting this event is none other then Eve Lee who I volunteered for over at Taste of the Nation Boston.  She is an avid Share Our Strength supporter and a veteran of Great American Bake Sale.  To be a part of her bake sale will certainly kick some serious butt!

And now, our Great American Bake Sale season finale..... the Great American Golf Tournament!  Thanks to my wonderful husband we have gone head first into the plannings of what we hope to become an annual event in our GABS.  We will need volunteers!!  We could also use as much help as can be spared spreading the news across various platforms of social media, so get your RT/Share/Like fingers ready!  Check out our GAGT page in the link above for specifics, registration links and sponsor info.  AND REMEMBER! We are selling dinner tickets to the event.....not playing golf is not an excuse ;)

So that wraps up our segment on the past, present and future of our 2011 GABS.  We hope to see one (at least one) of you at an upcoming event and extend our eternal gratitude to everyone who has already participated in Cookie Central's 3rd Annual Great American Bake Sale.

Wishing you all an incredible week! ~ Michele :)


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