Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fighting Homelessness In Our Community: Capernaum Place

There is no doubt of how profoundly Lazarus House Ministries has impacted the lives of those they serve. During their more than 25 years, Lazarus House has grown from a homeless shelter to encompass dozens of programs and services designed to help individuals and families find shelter during the worst of times and build for themselves a secure and poverty free life. What's truly impressive is that, receiving less than 1% of their funds from government agencies, it is hundreds of individuals, families, businesses, corporations and organizations that constitute the funds and supplies used to provide these substantially successful programs and services. As was so eloquently said Lazarus House Ministries Overview 2010 video "We at Lazarus House have nothing to give but other people's goodness".

Capernaum Place is one of Lazarus House Ministries' incredible services "a place of transition where one can live securely and privately while building the skills and saving money for permanent, independent housing". Like all the programs Lazarus House offers, Capernaum Place provides people with the motivation, education and life skills workshops needed to maintain a poverty free life.

It is required that those living in Capernaum Place want to move out of poverty and are willing to put forth the effort to achieve that goal. To move forward is a requirement. With the motivation of two employed case workers', multiple educational and life skills workshops residents acquire the tools needed to maintain a poverty free life. It is a coveted position and the residents know they must work hard to achieve their goals. A 6 month lease that must be renewed to utilize the maximum 2 year stay, stresses the inevitable end to their stay at Capernaum Place. What was wonderful to learn is the hard work required for those living at Capernaum is seen as opportunity. For many of the residents their goal is to provide their child(ren), when arriving at Capernaum they have the knowledge that this goal will be attained and the effort they put forth is done with determination.

"Coming to Capernaum Place was like getting another chance at life and a chance at being successful and not have to look at homelessness once we leave here"

Life Skills Workshops are offered which teach basic life skills such as budgeting, time management, nutrition and child care. Leaderships Skills programs are also offered to the high school youth living at Capernaum Place. The culmination of the programs offered prepare the residents to be successful with an independent life, "This is a very good program...the Life Skills Workshops, I have put my bills in my name and they are preparing me for the future."

To be given the opportunity to take the stress of poverty and homelessness away is not taken for granted by those living at Capernaum Place. Their accomplishments are strewn over the walls of the meeting room. Residents write weekly achievements on sticky notes which are proudly displayed in clusters on the walls. To see the transition is incredible. To see the gratitude, hope and inspiration in each note was heartwarming. Acquired jobs, up-to-date finances, and my favorite "I graduated and completed my CNA. I got permanent housing now and I'm not homeless anymore."

Capernaum Place is home to individuals and families that are working hard everyday to break the cycle of poverty. People who strive to do more, who find success where they never thought they could, to provide their child with a life they never had. This is a haven for those who want to build a better life and with a 90% success rate of guests moving on to permanent housing it is invaluable.

To Learn More About Lazarus House and their phenomenal programs please visit: or call (978) 689-8575 

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  1. Wow, what an amazing facility. It brought tears to my eyes to think of all those who have brought themselves out of poverty and homelessness with the help of this great place.


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