Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cookies With Care

A few months after opening our doors we stumbled across a bag of Dominos Sugar with a promotion for Great American Bake Sale during a late night pit stop for supplies.  Not only did this simple little promotion ignite in myself, my family and all of us involved with Cookie Central the want help the children struggling with hunger, but it gave us a plan how to do just that.  As our online promotions for the 2011 season draw to an end, we at Cookie Central wanted to do just a little bit more for those living in our own community and have decided to combine our efforts for Share Our Strength with the efforts of Lazarus House Ministries one of Merrimack Valleys most incredible anti-hunger/poverty organizations. 

During their more than 25 years, Lazarus House has grown from a homeless shelter to encompass dozens of programs and services designed to help individuals and families find shelter during the worst of times and build for themselves a secure and poverty free life. What's truly impressive is that, receiving less than 1% of their funds from government agencies, it is hundreds of individuals, families, businesses, corporations and organizations that constitute the funds and supplies used to provide these substantially successful programs and services. As was so eloquently said Lazarus House Ministries Overview 2010 video "We at Lazarus House have nothing to give but other people's goodness"

I am beyond thrilled to announce that this month's online promotion Cookies With Care will give people a way to show their support for the incredible people at Capernaum Place working to break free from poverty, hunger and homelessness. 

*Cookies With Care*
June 20th - July 29th

To purchase your Cookies With Care package today simply visit The Cookie Central Team Page and donate $20.00.  Each care package will contain 1 1/2 Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies and 4 Classic Brownies.  Packages will be delivered to the individuals and families residing at Capernaum Place.

A special thank you to the folks at Lazarus House for all their help and support getting this promotion up and running!


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