Sunday, May 22, 2011

Donate and Save For No Kid Hungry

*Donate and Save*
May 20th-June 19th

Donate to our 2011 Great American Bake Sale and receive a gift certificate for your next order!

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How It Works:

Visit the  Cookie Central Team Page  to make your donation. 
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We will contact you via email to acquire the necessary information to mail you your gift certificate. 

Questions You May Have

Can the gift certificates be sent to anyone I choose?
Absolutely! If you want to use your gift certificate as a present just let us know when we contact you.

Do the gift certificates expire?
No, they are good until the end of time

Are there any restrictions?
No. Typically we do not allow combining specials, but
because this is a part of a fundraiser we have not included any restrictions.

What if I donated and still haven't heard from you?
We apologize! 
Please contact us at and
we will be sure to get your gift certificate in the mail right away.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fighting Hunger In Our Community: Merrimack Valley Food Bank

Hunger in our communities is real, a fact that too often gets overlooked. Within our county's towns and cities are organizations whose missions are to provide food to those at risk of hunger. It was my pleasure to sit down with Executive Director Amy Pessia and Board Member and Social Media Advisor Danielle Bergeron of Merrimack Valley Food Bank, one of our areas most prominent and influential anti-hunger organizations.

"The focus of the Merrimack Valley Food Bank is to help meet a person’s most profound need — adequate nutrition and freedom from hunger"

Merrimack Valley Food Bank incorporated as a 501(c) 3 non-profit shortly after being founded by the Lowell Transitional Living Center in 1991 as a response to the need for a central food distribution agency in the city of Lowell. While MVFB can be considered a fledgling organization at 18 years old, the strides this local food bank has made over the last two decades to expand it's efforts is overwhelming. The once Lowell Food Bank (prior to incorporating) that ran out of donated space and served 6 food pantries in a rented UHaul now serves 25 cities and towns in the Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. The people Merrimack Valley Food Bank serves may not be who you think, however. As Amy explained, this 20,000 sq ft. warehouse is the "hub of the food distribution network in the region", providing food to the pantries, shelters and food organizations that service the families and individuals in our communities. The role MVFB, all food banks for that matter, play in the food distribution process is critical. Not only do they obtain long lasting relationships with area food production companies, farmers and businesses, but they also provide a location at which food can be kept in large quantities (something that is a challenge for many smaller pantries and shelters).

"Only through cooperative efforts can society initiate change develop strategies to alleviate hunger and work toward the well being of all people."

As was explained by Amy and Danielle, Merrimack Valley Food Bank has teamed up with a number of individuals and businesses such as Walmart who donated an astounding $10,000 toward the purchase of food and Merrimack Valley Magazine who has adopted MVFB as their non-profit and supports their efforts by regularly printing ads for MVFB. Several radio stations have also joined forces with MVFB, one being FRANK FM who helped to raise $2000 and nearly 1600 pounds of food at a live radio food drive this past December. Even Merrimack Valley Food Bank member Lazarus House, "a phenomenal agency committed to helping people move forward with their lives", donated a box truck which is beneficial when delivering food through tight city streets.

"For most of us, food is readily available at nearby stores. The ease with which food can be acquired can make us take for granted how vital food is to our well-being."

The future for Merrimack Valley Food Bank is bright! In a few weeks they will commence their 4th season of Community Market. This fruit and vegetable market gives families living in low income housing the opportunity to shop for free once a week for produce that they may not otherwise be able to afford. Modeled after the Mobile Market on Cape Ann, this incredibly successful program has helped to feed approximately 162 families residing in the Lowell Housing Authority community each season, that number growing with the introduction of another housing community to the Community Market, the George W. Flanagan housing development. Local groups, schools and individuals such as Farmer Dave, Middlesex C.C., UMass Lowell and Greater Lowell Health Alliance volunteer food, time and educational services to the families who attend.. Local groups, schools and individuals such as Farmer Dave, Middlesex C.C., UMass Lowell and Greater Lowell Health Alliance volunteer food, time and educational services to the families who attend.

MVFB is also working to expand on another new program that is currently in the planning stages; The Backpack Program. Merrimack Valley Food Bank will work with the school's superintendent and teachers to identify children living in food insecure households and provide them with snacks, drink and small microwavable meal to take home over the weekend. As you can well imagine, children receiving free and reduced lunches will run into difficulty finding consistent sources of nutritious food during the times they are not in school and this innovative program will be a wonderful addition to the 8 programs MVFB is currently running. While there is a ways to go before this program is full in effect, the pilot program currently running is a success and a base of food donations, gift cards and supporting business is being gathered for the official launch. The future plans will be to incorporate this program into all schools within the district with 80% or more children eligible for free and reduced lunch, currently 5.

"We try to educate the community about hunger being a year round issue"

You may think after reading this blog that Merrimack Valley Food Bank is enormous, after all the space alone is 20,000 sq ft., but in actuality they have a mere 12 employees. For an organization that distributed approximately 2.6 million lbs of food last year, this number is extraordinarily low. There are right now 80 regular volunteers that help with everything from inspecting and sorting, to preparing meal bags for the Mobile Pantry, to helping plan, prepare and run the annual food drives and fundraisers. But helping hands are always welcome. Regular volunteer positions are available. Between the months of January-June, then again in November & December, MVFB is in need of volunteers to inspect and sort food at their warehouse. When asked about the summer months (July-August), I was told there just isn't any food to inspect or sort. Summer tends to be the time of year that people are preoccupied with other plans and the staff encourages people looking to host a food drive, to do so during the spring months to help offset the gap in donations. You can even contact MVFB for ideas on how to coordinate your food drive with the season. You can also contact MVFB if you would like to take part in or volunteer for one of their scheduled events.

Learning about Merrimack Valley Food Bank and all the wonderful programs they offer to those living with hunger was incredible. A special thank you to Amy Pessia Executive Director of MVFB and Danielle Bergeron Secretary on the Board of Directors, Fundraiser Committe for Grape Expection & Fall Pantry Raid and the Advisor for MVFB's Social Media Efforts, for taking the time to meet with me and share a piece of what they do every day. Please use the contact information below to contact Merrimack Valley Food Bank, volunteer for one of their events or make a donation to support their efforts.

Merrimack Valley Food Bank

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cookies And Sheep Revisited

Once again, Cookie Central will host a Great American Bake Sale at North Andover's Sheep Shearing Festival and Craft Fair.  Last year's event was full of sweet treats, sheep shearing and a 4 child flash mob...which was adorable for the record.  While we will be short a flash mob, we will still have a great assortment of goodies and will take another whack at Great American Bake Sales "Take Your Best Shot" contest.  This is a kid friendly event!  So pack up the rugrats and come enjoy local vendors, face painting, crafters and entertainment.

We are also thrilled to announce we will be raffling off 4 tickets to the Lowell Spinners Juvenile Diabetes Awareness Night on Saturday, June 18th! 

This game is sponsored by a great supporter of Cookie Central's 2011 Great American Bake Sale, Tompkins Corporation.  A donation for the tickets has been made to Tompkins Corporation's Campaign for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  If you can't make it to the event but want to enter the raffle, we are accepting online donations on Cookie Central's Team Page!  Please  make sure you include "SSF" (example: Michele Gorham "SSF") when entering your name so we know where you came from :)

Join Us

Sunday, May 22nd
North Andover's Sheep Shearing and Craft Festival
The North Andover Common
(intersection of Osgood & Mass Ave.)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Bake Sale Debotchery

I wish I were sitting here today writing about what an enormous success our first bake sale of the season was.  I wish I could say our message about No Kid Hungry was received with open arms.  I wish that all the product actually made it to the event....I wish.  The funny thing is, I felt like this bake sale just fell right into place.  We secured a great location at an awesome event, our product kicked some serious butt and the weather was perfect.  But things have a tendency to turn in the wrong, I guess. 

Car packed, off I go with my little helper for today my 4 year old daughter Mia.  Not 2 feet out of the driveway and down go the decorated tulip cookies pops all over the floor of my car. Absolute shambles, not one can be saved.  "No matter", I thought.  We had plenty of product and if the tulips could be considered an offering to the joo-joo gods I was more than okay with that.  Time to set up.  What's this?  I forgot to bring half of the tiers (the half that holds the plates)? UHG!  "No Matter", I thought. I had extra plates, so I could at least get my stuff on the table....the Take Your Best Shot contest would just have to wait.  So there we sat, Mia and I, behind our (anything but elegant looking) table ready for the days adventures.  Our battle with the sun begins!  I will take full responsibility for ths one.   I made a rookie mistake and forgot to bring any sort of tent or umbrella for my poor little confections.  And sure enough, just like I new they would, the bags started to fog up and then condensate.  Okay, not the end of the world, we'll just toss out a few of each product, explain that they are for display and let everyone know we have unscathed product under the table.  So there we sat, Mia and I, behind our practically barren table of melting product.  Pretty pitiful looking pair we were (haha).

I do want to stop for a moment and say we had a handful of pretty incredible people stop by our table. Like the family with 3 or 4 girls who went above and beyond to really make our day and the guy and his son who share the most amazing story of a boy who fought cancer and won. 

Dirty looks and laughing?  Never in all my bake sales have I ever had so many people walk by with looks of disgust!  I even had a couple people flat out laugh at me.  And for all those nay sayers that actually came up to my table to heckle,  just want to repeat....YES, I do care about the millions of children in our country that don't know where there next meal will come from.  YES, I will do more than I ever thought I could to make a difference.  And NO, this is NOT a scam!

Time to go home...finally!  I'll admit, I packed it in about a half hour early because I just couldn't take it anymore.  I had a bunch (well more than half my product) left over and my thoughts were focused on what in the world I would do with it all.  The cookies, bars and granola would keep long enough for me to make up some nice boxes (nothing says sponsor my Great American Golf Tournament like a box of fresh baked cookies).  And the tray of untouched cupcakes (ladybugs, flowers and butterflies) would make a really nice touch at the Lazarus House's dinner that night.  I'm happy to say we ended the day just like we started, only this time it was the cupcakes strewn across the floor of my car...frosting is a nightmare to get out of carpet just for the record.

All in all, we pulled in around $200 for the day.  A far cry from a total bust, but we certainly did it the hard way.  And I do have to give my daughter Mia a virtual standing ovation!  She stuck it out for the 6 hours we were there like a trooper.  She's phenomenal and I'm lucky to be her mom.  With all the blunders I must say any Great American Bake Sale is a success in a way.  There are always those one or two people that really listen, really empethize with the children at risk of hunger in our country, really...get it.  And even if you make $5.00 on the day, that is still more than so many people do in a lifetime.  So I would like to dedicate this blog to anyone who's hosted a Bake Sale and bombed.  Don't let a less than perfect day discourage you.  A difference, no matter how small, is a difference that would not have otherwise been made! My focus has now turned to our next event on May 22nd at the North Andover Sheep Shearing festival, which was one of our best events last year.  "Keep Moving Forward"