Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Bake Sale Debotchery

I wish I were sitting here today writing about what an enormous success our first bake sale of the season was.  I wish I could say our message about No Kid Hungry was received with open arms.  I wish that all the product actually made it to the event....I wish.  The funny thing is, I felt like this bake sale just fell right into place.  We secured a great location at an awesome event, our product kicked some serious butt and the weather was perfect.  But things have a tendency to turn in the wrong, I guess. 

Car packed, off I go with my little helper for today my 4 year old daughter Mia.  Not 2 feet out of the driveway and down go the decorated tulip cookies pops all over the floor of my car. Absolute shambles, not one can be saved.  "No matter", I thought.  We had plenty of product and if the tulips could be considered an offering to the joo-joo gods I was more than okay with that.  Time to set up.  What's this?  I forgot to bring half of the tiers (the half that holds the plates)? UHG!  "No Matter", I thought. I had extra plates, so I could at least get my stuff on the table....the Take Your Best Shot contest would just have to wait.  So there we sat, Mia and I, behind our (anything but elegant looking) table ready for the days adventures.  Our battle with the sun begins!  I will take full responsibility for ths one.   I made a rookie mistake and forgot to bring any sort of tent or umbrella for my poor little confections.  And sure enough, just like I new they would, the bags started to fog up and then condensate.  Okay, not the end of the world, we'll just toss out a few of each product, explain that they are for display and let everyone know we have unscathed product under the table.  So there we sat, Mia and I, behind our practically barren table of melting product.  Pretty pitiful looking pair we were (haha).

I do want to stop for a moment and say we had a handful of pretty incredible people stop by our table. Like the family with 3 or 4 girls who went above and beyond to really make our day and the guy and his son who share the most amazing story of a boy who fought cancer and won. 

Dirty looks and laughing?  Never in all my bake sales have I ever had so many people walk by with looks of disgust!  I even had a couple people flat out laugh at me.  And for all those nay sayers that actually came up to my table to heckle,  just want to repeat....YES, I do care about the millions of children in our country that don't know where there next meal will come from.  YES, I will do more than I ever thought I could to make a difference.  And NO, this is NOT a scam!

Time to go home...finally!  I'll admit, I packed it in about a half hour early because I just couldn't take it anymore.  I had a bunch (well more than half my product) left over and my thoughts were focused on what in the world I would do with it all.  The cookies, bars and granola would keep long enough for me to make up some nice boxes (nothing says sponsor my Great American Golf Tournament like a box of fresh baked cookies).  And the tray of untouched cupcakes (ladybugs, flowers and butterflies) would make a really nice touch at the Lazarus House's dinner that night.  I'm happy to say we ended the day just like we started, only this time it was the cupcakes strewn across the floor of my car...frosting is a nightmare to get out of carpet just for the record.

All in all, we pulled in around $200 for the day.  A far cry from a total bust, but we certainly did it the hard way.  And I do have to give my daughter Mia a virtual standing ovation!  She stuck it out for the 6 hours we were there like a trooper.  She's phenomenal and I'm lucky to be her mom.  With all the blunders I must say any Great American Bake Sale is a success in a way.  There are always those one or two people that really listen, really empethize with the children at risk of hunger in our country, really...get it.  And even if you make $5.00 on the day, that is still more than so many people do in a lifetime.  So I would like to dedicate this blog to anyone who's hosted a Bake Sale and bombed.  Don't let a less than perfect day discourage you.  A difference, no matter how small, is a difference that would not have otherwise been made! My focus has now turned to our next event on May 22nd at the North Andover Sheep Shearing festival, which was one of our best events last year.  "Keep Moving Forward"


  1. Bravo for pressing ahead in the face of defeat. "Make the most of every opportunity!" The lessons you are teaching your children today are going to pay big dividends to people in the future. Forget the monetary take of the day - You have sown a golden seed.

    You are really a beautiful lady and I applaud your efforts to raise awareness and create active concern for people less blessed than many of us. Keep up the good work. And have a nice day! Your cookies are awesome!

  2. Anonymous,

    Thank you for your kind words! I hope that this blog reaches people who haven't had the best event. We've hosted quite a few, some better than others and we always remember that when faced with difficulty, adversion and even failure the most important thing you can do is to push forward....with a good attitude :)

    All the best and thank you for reading!
    ~ Michele


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