Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Look At Our Last 3 Great American Bake Sale Events

Once again it has been altogether way to long since our last post, 
but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy!

Community Bake Walk for No Kid Hungry
This event was born out of the idea 'We don't have a store front, so let's borrow everyone else's.  In a nut shell, we supplied businesses with cookies while they took donations for Share Our Strength - You can check out the complete details for the bake walk HERE.  I'm thrilled to say the 8 participating businesses raised over $500....enough to get me to donate my hair (eeep!). Check out the before and after below and if you don't like the new do just go ahead and keep it to yourself - or lie to me, that would work too!
Special thanks to Greta Rybus of Greta Rybus Photography for supplying the before picture.

A BIG congratulations to W.J. Grosvenor & Co. raising over $350!!  These guys were pushing the cookies before I even left the building, so it shouldn't surprise anyone when I say they won our event contest *Dessert Party For Your Crew*. 

W.J. Grosvenor & Co. collecting their first donation!

Sad you missed out? No worries, we will absolutely be revisiting this event in 2013!

Gifting For Hunger - Take 2
Throughout the month of July we donated 50% of every order placed where people mentioned (and didn't even need to be exact with the name) 'Gifting For Hunger'.  While we did okay raising a little more that $300, I'm thinking we may need to just donate 50% of all order regardless of who mentions what to whom.....take the stress of the customer, if you know what I mean.
Gifting For Hunger

A Quick Note From The Cookie Lady
While raising money for hungry kids is an obvious motivating factor for what we do, this is certainly not the sole purpose of our campaign!  A big part of the reason we fundraise for Share Our Strength with Great American Bake Sale and Taste of the Nation is because we want to educate people, families, children....everyone.... about the prevalent issue of  childhood hunger in our country and to help connect hungry children (and adults) both in our community and across the nation to the abundance of programs that offer nutritious food and/or food nutrition programs.

With our online promotions we try to provide an easy way for people to learn more and hopefully share with others.  What we've found is that these are the events that don't to quite as well as others (hazard of not having ooey gooey goodies to push maybe?). That said, we want your feedback!  Do you have a creative, fun and easy way to educate people online?  Let us know at  I can tell you right now, I have a feeling this has the making of a contest for some free baked product from yours truly so don't be shy!

Our July 4th Great American Bake Sale
Hot. Hot and humid.  Hot and humid with a quick storm thrown in (for good measure).  I complain but really we had a great time.  Our 50/50 raffle, which included $75 and our No Kid Hungry Pig to the winner, was won by none other that 'Pickles', the man with the tractor - I kid you not.  I was also joined by my wonderfully, amazing husband who, after working 38 straight hours at the fire department, showed up and stayed the whole 9 hours....I'll pause while you all applaud.  We were also joined by Allie, the newest addition to our youth.  These three girls had one job - sell 50/50 raffle tickets - and you know what? They sold $150 worth!  Find pictures from the day on the Cookie Central Fan Page
Cake In A Jar


  1. Awesome events and photos. Your energy simply amazes me when it comes to helping kids.

    So how's the Great American Golf Tournament coming this year?

    p.s. the short hair is beautiful!

  2. Thanks John!

    The tourney was originally scheduled for July but ,with all the other events we had going on, needed to bump it back to October. We are plugging away now with a big promotional push projected throughout August and September. It's looking like a good decision too as we have gotten a lot of good feed back from the new date and already have a number of foursomes registered to play! You'll be hearing quite a bit about it in the coming months :)

    Thank you also for the compliment....first time in 20 years I've had short hair!


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