Friday, June 8, 2012

What Is In A Gift?

What is in a gift?  We give gifts to celebrate milestones, recognize a special occasion, brighten someone's day.  Gifts have become a universal way to say to others, "I'm thinking about you". 

The best gift I was ever given was a KitchenAid mixer from Kohl's.  At the time, I scoffed at my husband (gift giver), giving him only minimal props as the year before that I had received a dust buster - an obvious step in the right direction on his part.  What I didn't realize is what this gift would ultimately create, something we now call Cookie Central.  With that little 4.5Qt. mixer we have built a cookie company, we have provided our community with all the support we can muster, and we have made it our mission to help end childhood hunger in America. 

Share Our Strength was founded on the belief that everyone has a strength to share.  That unappreciated gift (which was given with the intent of getting homemade paste out of it - for the record) opened the door to My strength.  Cookie Central's Great American Bake Sale campaign has grown tenfold, maybe even twentyfold, in it's four years.  Now, as summer approaches, we are commemorating the act of gift giving with our June promotion Gifting for Hunger.  While you may buy many gifts this month, none will be so sweet as feeding a hungry child. 

"Though more than 21 million U.S. kids get free or reduced-price school lunch, just over 3 million of those kids get a free summer meal."


Throughout the month of June we will be donating 50% of every order that comes in to Share Our Strength's efforts to ensure hungry children get fed this summer - All you need to do is mention our Gifting For Hunger promotion when placing your order.  

Please help us help the thousands of children who will struggle with hunger this summer, share this with a friend and place our order today!

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