Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Look At Cookie Central's 2011 Great American Bake Sale

Great American Bake Sale season hasn't quite begun yet.  In fact, it doesn't start until March 1st!  But we over here at Cookie Central are planning and prepping for another fantastic season fundraising for Share Our Strength.  We already have a couple of definite plans, a few in the works and a whole slew of possibilities.  Please check out what we have on the drawing board and let us know what you think, if you have any good contacts that would help us on our way or suggestions to help us better this years campaign.  Thanks and have a great rest of your day! ~ Michele Gorham

Cookie Central is now offering these wonderful sugar cookies pressed with Share Our Strength's mission "No Kid Hungry"

For $1.00 you can add a No Kid Hungry cookie to your next order and feel good knowing that your dollar (yes all of it) will help in the
fight against childhood hunger in America. 

We are proud to be offering these cookies
with or without an additional order all year long!
How Far Can A Dollar Go?
With one dollar
Share Our Strength can help connect a child with 10 meals! 

The Salem Taste Of The Town

Date: Saturday, January 15th
 Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm
Location:BJ’s Wholesale Club
in Salem, NH.

Join Cookie Central at BJs Wholesale Club in Salem, NH for bite-sized samples off our menu! 

We will be promoting our upcoming 2011 Great American Bake Sale season and selling special cookies to raise money to help end childhood hunger in America.


A Great American Golf Tournament?

That's right folks!  We have in the works a golf tournament thanks to my wonderful husband who I'm not quite as mad at for playing so many rounds  any more.  We are just beginning the planning, but it looks to be a definite addition (as well as the kicker) to this years events!  We plan to have set dates, locations and the like ready for March 1st, with the scheduled event falling in September.  


A Possible New Sponsor!

Okay more definite than possible, we just haven't hashed out the details yet, but MerchantCircle is on board!  If you didn't already know, I am a Community Leader and Forum Moderator for this rapidly growing small business networking/marketing/social media site (I must be doing a good job).  I will be updating as the news comes in what kind of (and how big) of a part they will be playing in CC's 2011 GABS...but I have a feeling it's gonna be HUGE!


Online Events!

We are hoping for as much success online this year as we did last year and have planned out serveral campaigns that will run over the course of our 7 month (geeze, did I just tack on 3 more months from last year?) campaign.  To give a brief, and I really mean brief, overview; expect to see Dollar Days, Cookie Gift Boxes To End Child Hunger, Donate and Save, The Recruit Contest.  Curious as to what all these mean?  Follow the blog, read my tweets, fan me on Facebook, give me your first born!  What I really mean to say is connect with me, stay in touch and stay tuned for a very exciting online rollercoaster.


The Big Possibilities For 2011

Our wish list for this year is slightly longer than last year, but we are after all attempting to fill the 3 extra with No Kid Hungry fun and excitement.  To accomplish these events we will need help, maybe your help?  Mostly contacts, referrals and introductions, anything that will get our foot in the door.  If you have any reputation with the below we would be ever so grateful for your help!
*please & thank you*

  • Andover Days:  We are hoping to coordinate a few businesses to sell decorated No Kid Hungry star cookie pops during the days events.  All products, displays and promotional items will be provided by us (Cookie Central).  If you know an Andover shop owner that you think may be interested in participating please let me know!
  • Cookies & Meat: Okay maybe I have to work on that name a little, but the idea is pretty simple.  We are hoping to piggy back a bake sale event on either a wine tasting at the Vinyard (North Andover) or BBQ with The Meat House (same shop)....or BOTH!  If you have contacts at The Vinyard or The Meathouse I would forever be grateful for an introduction.
  • Heavn'ly Cookies:  Are you a St. Michael's parishioner?  Would you be willing to help us organize a bake sale through the church?  The hope is to host at least one event this year that is "All About The Kids".  Cookie & cupcake decorating tables, a magician, face painting...kid stuff!  I'm also working my husband to come down in his firefighter gear (maybe with a piece of apparatus?).

If you think you could help us out with any of the above please contact me!
Michele Gorham


  1. Michelle,

    You are amazing!! Your passion and dedication to the cause is inspiring to us all. Thanks for all you're doing!


  2. Jessica,

    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and thank you also for everything YOU do. Everyone at SOS works so hard (and year round!), I'm just happy to be a part of it all.

    There is something about this year, though. Everything seems to be falling into place all on it's own and we are VERY excited. Even my hubby has caught the bake sale bug...so funny to hear him in the other room calling people to sponsor us!

    Crossing the fingers for an incredible season!

    All the best,
    Michele :)


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