Monday, May 21, 2012

We Bought, We Baked, We Sold

Hosting a Great American Bake Sale is as easy as:
  1. Buy
  2. Bake
  3. Sell
  4. Myself, Mia, Jazmin and my mom Sharon
And that is exactly how we rocked out our bake table at North Andover's 40th Annual Sheep Sheering Festival raising $724 for No Kid Hungry!  Our table was loaded with some incredible product - courtesy of the imagination of my children- and come the end of the day only one basket of assorted goodies was left.    Here are some pictures from the day complete with Bake Sale Tips, of course! (Find the complete Facebook Album HERE).   

*Don't forget to jot down the super easy bake sale sell out recipe down at the bottom of the post*

If your piggybacking on a larger event, incorporate the theme into your bake sale.  Ours was at a sheep shearing festival and let's just say these guys didn't last long

If the kids come, the parents will buy!  Make it bright, put it on a stick and it will sell out every time!
Go subliminal with your messaging - say with apple shaped platters.
Put the kids to work with fun and easy tasks like putting No Kid Hungry stickers on your takeaway bags.
Scatter informational material throughout your table so people can learn while they browse.
We got LOTS of compliments on our individual cupcake packaging.  You can pick these ones up in small batches for cheap money at  FYI - the bags come with both the insert and a small sealing sticker.

Let kids 'Show Their Strength' with a Wall of Hands!
Save on table space by stacking things high! Don't have any tiers? Ask your friends and family - you'd be surprised how many you get!
Make a menu and hang it where everyone can see it!  If you have a lot of items, this is a great way to keep shoppers from being overwhelmed. It also helps when you throw the menu on an obnoxiously bright piece of cardboard ;)

Super Easy Apple Turnovers:
Makes 18

Thank You to Solo Foods for their donation to our 2012 GABS

We took our wicked pain in the neck Apple Turnover recipe and knocked it down to 4 ingredients...Sandra Lee would be proud!

Directions :
  1. Unfold your pastry sheets on a cutting board, cut into 9 squares
  2. Put a 1-2 tsp. dollop of Solo Foods Apple Pie Filling in the center of a pastry square.  Fold into a triangle, squeezing the edges together to seal. Place on a parchment lined baking sheet. Repeat.
  3. Brush the tops of your turnovers with milk, then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.
  4. Bake at 400^ until golden brown, 20-25 minutes. Cool and package. 
  • Pastry sheets come tri-folded so if you cut along the fold lines, making 9 even squares will be a breeze.
  • Make the turnovers ONE at a time!  The longer the filling sits on the dough, the stickier it will become turning your quick and easy fold and pinch turnover into a ooey gooey mess (something we found out shortly after taking this picture...)
  • Putting the filling in the fridge beforehand will keep it from oozing out when you are sealing your edges.

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