Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Overdue Follow Up To Our Patriots Game Bake Sale

Ah, Football
As you can see, nothing too glamorous.  This was, however, the absolute most fun I've ever had at a bake sale!  It may have been because it was low-key, or maybe it was the support of an RV full of people...or it could have been the cold beer...  Either way, this -our final bake sale for 2011- was awesome.

Hitting The Pavement
The table didn't last but 5 minutes.  The RV lot stayed pretty barren on our end, so we took the show on the road and hustled for No Kid Hungry.  I am a genius for bringing baskets with handles and having this guy as my right hand man for the night was a HUGE plus! Many thanks to Dave for a job well done and really embracing the No Kid Hungry Message!!

I want to note, if saw a huge spike in hits between the hours of 6-8, it is most likely because I had to show practically everyone I spoke with that:

Yes, I am for real
Yes, all of the money will help feed hungry kids
...YES, there ARE hungry kids
Yes, I can back that up!
Cheers to the creation of the Smart Phone

Swag In The Stadium
We brought it!  Whether or not we made it on the tube is another story... Either way, Team No Kid Hungry made it's presence known inside and out of Gillette and hopefully we reached even just a handful of people.

Pick Of The Night
At every bake sale I always come across that one person.  Someone who really listens and will leave to make a difference. A chance encounter, during a brief altercation with a man who had been bitten by a camel (blog for another day) was how I met Chad.  Not enough good things I can say about the conversation we had, but let's leave it at - this guy gets it!  Chad, if you happen across this blog, I hope you make it to Taste of the Nation Boston and can't wait to introduce you to the hubby!

To everyone who has supported Cookie Central's 2011 Great American Bake Sale campaign, Thank You!!  It has been a phenomenal year from beginning to end and we look forward to doing it all over in 2012.  Please check in over the next few months as we blog our way to Taste of the Nation Boston as the official Hunger Message Chair!

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