Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We Are Registered!

We at Cookie Central have been known to buy sugar on occasion. I've always noticed on the Domino Sugar bag a promotion for The Great American Bake Sale. I never thought much about it until the day my husband came home and mentioned the meal center next to his warehouse had a line out the door (it was 4:00). Parents and children waiting in line for something so many of us take for granted....a meal. The times have been hard on our entire country.

It's become common to hear stories of layoffs, foreclosures, and bankruptcy. Many of us have sacrificed luxuries; that shoe fetish has been wained, the annual vacation cancelled, and maybe those brand new golf clubs are no longer a necessity. For many, though, the sacrifices have been severe. Mortgages, rents and the now required health insurance rates have risen. For many people it's a choice between their home and their dinner.

Any parent who has had trouble knows the fear of not being able to provide for their children. Now, for many, it's not a's a reality. There is hope. People working together can do great things. So we at Cookie Central have decided to host (yet another) Great American Bake Sale in hopes of giving a Little to those who need a lot. Currently we are looking for people to join Team Cookie Central and help in our cause! Please help us do great things for the great people who need them. For more information or to get involved please contact me! Michele Gorham 978~423~1215 or

"Share Our Strength is the leading national organization working to make sure no kid in America grows up hungry. We weave together a net of community groups, activists and food programs to children at risk of hunger, and ensure they have nutritious food where they live, learn and play." To learn more about Share Our Strength visit their website

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